Gordon Levitt on Cobra Commander's G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt talked to NY Mag about suiting up as Cobra Commander. “My face is in it,” Gordon-Levitt said. “There’s this crazy kind of getup that I wear. It’s got makeup and it’s got all this other stuff, and it’s a mask, basically. You can hardly tell it’s me. And that, to me, is the best. That’s why I love Daniel Day-Lewis or Gary Oldman. Actors like that, where they’re so different as each character, the actor disappears. Doing ‘G.I. Joe’ made it real easy to disappear because of all the elaborate stuff on my face. And it demands a totally different kind of acting style. You sort of check your realism at the door.”
I love this actor, he’s usually very selective with his roles, and almost all of the times it works. But yea, I’m not feeling this one. Lets hope he can work his magic here.
Source: NY Mag

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