Iranian protests and indiscreet video uploaders

It’s been several days since we started hearing about the protests in Iran. According to Reuters “Thousands of protesters defied Iran’s highest authority Saturday and marched on waiting security forces that fought back with baton charges, tear gas and water cannons as the crisis over disputed elections lurched into volatile new ground.”
We all know the situation over there is bad, but today I’m not going to center on that issue. What really angers me is the next paragraph:

“Amateur video showed clashes erupting in the southern city of Shiraz and witnesses reported street violence in Isfahan, south of Tehran.”

Now that doesn’t sound so bad, normally it’s the amateur video the one you see on the news mostly as sometimes it’s really hard for reporters to get close to the action. Now we come to the part I actually would like to talk about.

“Other footage posted in the hours after the crackdown showed blood pouring from a young woman’s nose and mouth as frantic people tried to help her. Two separate videos of the incident, each shot from a different angle, were uploaded onto the social networking sites Facebook and Youtube. The Youtube video described the location of the incident as Amirabad, central Tehran, and said the woman had been fatally shot.”

Why is it people are uploading that type of videos to YouTube without any regards for the family of the diseased? That last paragraph talks about a video that I saw, I have only seen one of the versions but the one I saw was taken by a doctor’s friend when they were trying to help.
Now the issue comes from uploading the video afterward, specially if the face of that poor girl is shown like that with no regards for human life, the father was there screaming his lungs as his child fades away in his arms, and what does this person do? Upload the video to Youtube.
That kind of videos should not be allowed in Youtube, it’s really sad to know about the situation they’re going through but you DO NOT upload a video that depicts the death of a human being just for popularity on your account, why didn’t they just give the video to the press?
Her death is unjust and I understand the pain of her family and the many others who have lost someone during this time of crisis, but for the love of humanity let’s STOP acting like paparazzi, many of the videos I saw on Youtube showed people taking pictures and video of the fallen with cellphones, why not help instead?
It’s really sad that we have come to this, I still can’t believe this video was shown just like that on the blog I was reading on the front page like it was nothing, just a mere warning for the faint of heart…..
IMHO we should be more careful at handling this type of content, think of it this way, would you like me to record one of your close relatives as they die? Then without telling you upload the video to Youtube in hopes of getting it on the front page?
Take this as constructive criticism, do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

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