I’ve been meaning to install Ubuntu for quite a while just to give it a try, today I got the chance 😀
I was going to do it 3 days ago but a friend recommended me to have at least 2gb or ram before installing it on my laptop, it had 1gb at the time, so last night I went to a computer store and bought 2 sticks of DDR2 memory for just $12.99 each, I installed it and was ready to go.
Now my odyssey begins, I had the brilliant idea of creating a new partition and then installing Ubuntu, I had no idea the Ubuntu disk could do it for me, nor that I could install it in windows to make a dual boot, somehow I forgot to look around for guides and stuff……….
Anyway, I created the partition and the drive got all screwed up, it won’t boot anymore no matter what I try, not even Windows recovery console would wake it up, so I deleted the partition but still nothing, so I decided to reinstall windows, I don’t have anything I could lose on that laptop anyway, but I got lazy so I decided not to do it and just use the whole hdd for Ubuntu, lol.
I’m installing it right now at this very momment, the XP installation is ruined anyway so what the heck, might as well give it test with full power 🙂
I’ll post my results here and let you know if I like it, if I don’t you’ll know about it too 😉

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