Can you really imagine Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern?

raynolds-greenlanternI mean, really? For some reason we forgot to post about this, in any case it’s hard for me to picture him as GL, not because of his looks, it’s just that the guy talks so much he’s a better fit for Marvel’s Deadpool, or even DC’s the Flash (Wally West, he talks a lot).

There was kind of a battle for the part as Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake(???) also wanted to be GL. Can you imagine Timberlake with a power ring flying through space protecting alien life forms? O_o I just can’t, specially with all the times he’s been at SNL doing parodies and dancing stuff….

Lil_Formers___Green___Pool_by_MattMoylanHere’s a funny piece by Matt Myolan, I think a lot of people agree that he should’ve stayed as Deadpool, it really fits his character as he also talks a lot, I mean a  LOT. The problem with Reynold’s being GL is that the Deadpool project is probably be left aside, they are either going to recast someone else for the roll or forget about the whole thing completely :(.
The only thing we can do now is wait and see what they come up with, GL’s usual plot is mostly in outter space so they’re gonna have to get some extra cash if they want to do the whole deal, like showing the whole GL Corps and stuff, if they do an earth-only setting it might get boring….

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