Mayweather Jr. badmouths MMA and everyone else…again!

Doesn’t this guy have anything else to do? Like retire again, or go pick his own fights? Back in 07′ the guy bad mouthed MMA, saying  that “any quality boxer could easily become the champion and that, while boxing is an art, UFC was a temporary fad.” UFC President Dana White stated that he was willing to organize a fight with then Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk. Mayweather publicly apologized to UFC and turned down the offer of a fight, saying “I respect MMA fighters and what they do in the UFC. I have no plans of fighting in mixed martial arts.”


Two years later, he’s at it again. More after the break:

So basically, shit went down like this:

“(UFC) is beer drinkers, boxing is for everybody.”

“You can’t take my shoes off, and take my shirt off and throw me in a cage. You do that with animals, you don’t do that with humans,” said a bold Mayweather. “It takes true skills to be in the sport of boxing.”

While Mayweather probably should have stopped his brash statements there — considering many of the MMA fans he was offending probably helped him become boxing’s “pay-per-view king” by purchasing his blockbuster fights — he didn’t, saying MMA was created by white fighters who couldn’t cut it in the ring.

“In boxing, we know who’s dominating. Black fighters and Hispanic fighters is dominating in this sport,” Mayweather continued. “And this is not a racial statement but there’s no white fighters in boxing that’s dominating, so they had to go to something else and start something new.”

When the subject turned to a much-anticipated match with Manny Pacquiao (whose fight against Miguel Cotto in November was officially announced Monday), Mayweather said the Filipino superstar would have to become his own boss before he could consider a bout.

“Everybody wants to see the Pacquiao fight, but it doesn’t work like that. Pacquiao isn’t his own boss and he’s giving up 27 percent of his money to Bob Arum,” Mayweather said. “Once he becomes his own boss, then we can talk. If he’s not his own boss I ain’t got nothing to say to him.”

But just in case he does, Mayweather says you know where to find him. “It’s not hard to find me. Everybody know I’m in Las Vegas,” he said. “Just look for the biggest mansion and the prettiest Rolls-Royce — that’s me.”

current WEC Bantamweight champion Miguel Torres had this to retort:

“I would love to fight Mayweather, just because of the simple fact that I think he’s a cocky asshole … I’m not a white person, and I will smash his ass. I don’t care. His style of boxing is all built on getting people in the clinch. He’ll hit them, and then he’ll get in the clinch with them. Then the referee breaks them, and he’ll hit them and grab them again. I think it’s a great strategy. It’s not clean boxing, but it’s smart boxing. He’s going to hit somebody and grab them in MMA, and he’ll be done for. They’ll take him down. That’ll be all. I’ll be on top of the list to fight him.” 

In my humble opinion, I wouldn’t mind Maywheather getting his ass whooped for shit-talking so much.


Sources: MMAnews, Las Vegas Sun

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