Michael Jai White is the man! + Raging Phoenix

If you dont know who Michael Jai White is, all you have to do is go and rent/download Spawn, and then look up a bunch of B-movies and Asian movies with Americans in them, and you’ll recognize who he is. He was also in the Dark Knight movie (he was Gamble) Also in this post, a trailer for an amazing Thai-martial arts movie called Raging Phoenix.

Check out the trailers and more, after the break

Black Dynamite is basically a spoof of all those 1970s films, like Shaft or Foxy Brown.  here, White plays the lead badass (and I hear he co-wrote as well) Here’s one trailer for the film, because any explanation I can give about it is not enough for the badassness.

oh, and he approves of Judge Sotomayor xD

The movies has been picked up by Sony, to be released on theaters this fall.

You can find a list of all the hilarious trailers and clips of Black Dynamite over at Twitch

Which brings us to the other item that I found about White. A direct-to-dvd movie called Blood and Bone. Now, the movie looks like a pretty generic action movies, the likes that Seagal or other wash-out action star would put out. But what really caught my eye was how White could really portrait the Marvel Comics’ Luke Cage character really well. He really does look like Luke Cage. Unlike scrawny Tyrese Gibson, who wants to play the part. Anyway, check it out.

And finally! A little gem out of Thailand called Raging Phoenix. The star of this movie debuted in another martial arts movie called Chocolate, which was produced by the same guys as Ong-Bak, and The Protector. The movie was brutal, had great fight scenes, and it prided on being one of the few that had ‘realistic stunts’, where the stars would sometimes hit each other for real, or pull stunts without cables or ropes. Anyway, the same formula applies to this new movie aswell. What I’m impressed with the most of the new “Dance that can kill” and “Chinese Drunken Fist vs Drunken Muay Thai”.

Anyway, it looks like a shit ton of fun, so definitely keeping an eye out for it.

Source: Twitch Film

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