New DISTRICT 9 trailer, and JENNIFER'S BODY trailer

district-9-poster-0Ah, so instead of filling an entry for each, might as well just make one for all, so I wont push down all the other golden stuff to the next page ;o
District 9 is a new sci-fi film by Neill Blomkamp, produced by Peter Jackson. Jennifer’s Body is new film starring Megan Fox, which I feel suits her a lot better than Transformers. (plus, there’s a faint chance we might see boobage ;] )
More on these and the trailers after the break!

District 9’s Neill Blomkamp was slated to direct a film version of the popular video game, Halo. unfortunately, Microsoft felt that the young film director didnt have what it takes to take on such a massive franchise, even when Peter Jackson vouched for him. So the word out there is that this film is a test-run to see if he can handle making the Halo film.
Honestly though, this looks amazing. It has both flash AND substance. I hope the film succeeds, I would love to see more from Mr. Blomkamp.
New trailer and teaser can be found here
Jennifer’s Body is….well, you know what? it’s too hot for words. If I’m not mistaken, it’s written by Diablo Cody (who wrote the Juno and Thank You for Smoking)


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