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I have a few things to show that I don’t think need a separate post, that and I don’t feel like posting a ton of them right now :D.

Ok, let’s start after the break ;)…

World of Warcraft: The Movie

warcraft3x7Evil Dead and Spiderman’s director Sam Raimi will be in charge of taking this popular rol game that has taken the life of millions of poor souls and turned them into zombies to the big screen :).

It is unknown how/if this will affect the production of the next Spiderman movie, we are all waiting to see what else needs to be crapped on the life of Peter Parker, played by an actor who looks himself like a bug….

A Nightmare on Elm Street

NOES_PosterThis movie is based on characters created by Wes Craven in his 1984 sleeperĀ  horror hit. That film went on to become one of the horror genre’s longest-running, most successful and innovative film series, spawning seven sequels. Now, 25 years later, comes a contemporary incarnation of the Freddy Krueger origin story.

Freddy will be played by Jackie Earle Haley as Robert Englund is just too old to still be playing the part, or so I assume, I don’t really know if he wanted the part or was even contacted about it but we’ll have to wait and see how good this new Freddy is.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

persiaposter1Dastan is a street urchin in 6th century Persia. After showing valor in battle, he is adopted by the king as his heir, so the king’s two sons will not fight over the throne. He teams up with Princess Tamina to rescue the Sands of Time, a gift from the gods that controls time, from the hands of the villainous nobleman, Nizam.

So I guess there will be no people turning into monsters and stuff, too bad ’cause we all love that stuff, that stuff is what makes this stuff so unappealing, I know it is being produced by Disney but they could spice up the story a little bit, I don’t really remember the story in the first game but it had better live up to it D:<.

Here’s an alternative poster:


That’s all for now, now all you have to do is discuss.

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