Retro vs the bank – part II

hell no!!

hell no!!

Guess what? If you read my previous post about the 3-cent overdraft you will probably remember I used up all my savings (a little over 10 bucks) to mitigate bank’s fee.

Well, they decided that it wasn’t enough, so they charged me an extra $35 because “I had the account in negative for more than 5 days……”

That’s really stupid, I received the letter late, and while I understand it’s my fault for not checking my account regularly as I should it’s ridiculous that they try to charge me a total of $45 in fees for a mere 3 cents AND because I have no money……

SO, I called customer service and explained the guy mi situation, when he tried to excuse the bank’s behavior and their so called “rules” I kept telling him I wanted to talk to a supervisor because somebody had to refund the excess fees for stupid 3 cents, I kept going at it until he actually talked to his supervisor and she apparently approved the refund.

At the end they didn’t get rid of the original $10 fee but at least the $35 are gone and back to my account 🙂

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