AMUSING: Former Power Ranger wants to step into the MMA cage

Jason David Frank, who was once a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger, is now trying to use his super powers to turn into a mixed martial artist. According to the always reliable TMZ:

The guy who used to play the Green and White Ranger on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is trying to fight with creatures from this planet — dude is an MMA fighter now. 35-year-old Jason David Frank — who used to fight inside a Dragonzord — just told he’s hoping to fight inside the UFC Octagon. The sixth degree Black Belt just signed a deal with a new management team and hopes to get in the ring pretty soon.

Frank may just turn into a great fighter, though it’s doubtful considering that he is 35 and worried about signing a management team before trying to schedule a fight. But this just furthers the notion that MMA is a fad, and can be used as a publicity stunt for someone with a flailing career.
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I have mixed feelings about this, so we’ll see how it developes. This is actually a fight from late 2006 or early 2007 (I think?) He “tastes blood”. Sadly, it’s missing a Dragonzord.

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