First Look At Robert Rodriguez's "Predators"

LatinoReview got a first look at what it looks like it will bring the Predator franchise to badass status, which lost during the early 2000s (Thanks Paul Anderson, couldnt stay somewhere else butt-fucking the Resident Evil franchise uh?) Anyway, this movie sounds very interesting, based off an old Robert Rodriguez’s script waaay back a few years ago. So is not that Rodriguez is directing it (Nimród Antal is), or even writing it “NOW”, his name is just there with the old script, as far as I can tell.

From the video over at Latinoreview, the whole movie revolves around 8 badass humans who are kidnapped and dropped in the Predator’s planet, for the Predators’ sport. There’s also 3 new kinds of predators, which all sound much more badass than the original. Either way, the humans are fucked.

Head over to Latino Review to check out the featurette on this.

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