Quiton 'Rampage' Jackson retires from mixed martial arts (it's a big deal)

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson announced on his personal website that he will retire from the sport of mixed martial arts in order to focus on his movie career.
The former UFC light heavyweight champion cites a perceived lack of respect from the UFC for the loyalty he showed the organization and Dana White in particular.

If you dont know who he is, you will know soon (He’s going to be TA Baracus in the remake of the 80s show “The A-Team”. Even if you still dont know what that is, it’s becoming a high budget film. No way you’d miss it. And if you do…you probably live in a deserted with a volleyball named Wilson)

He posted a long-ass-hell blog about why he left. Here’s a piece of it:

“The UFC has done a lot for me but I think I have done more for them. The UFC bought WFA to get my contract & they saved my life, so I felt loyal to them. They pushed me into a fight with Chuck Liddel even when I clearly stated I wasn’t ready to fight for the belt because the American fans didn’t know me but I took the fight and didn’t complain & after I won the American fans booed me for the first time which changed the way I saw them & it hurt me deeply.”

You can read his whoooole post and the rest of the news here

Honestly? I can see Rampage’s side a lot more here, Dana White may have saved the UFC and made it into such a powerful business, but he’s still a whinny dislike-able dick, I actually did read that interview where he trash talks Rampage to no ends. He’s too vocal for his own good. I do like the part in the blog post where Rampage talks about Randy Couture, I think it’s a nice gesture, and funny that he is indeed a ‘monster’.

Hope Rampage gets lucky in Hollywood. The MMA community is loosing a great fighter….although…. Holy hell…Rampage for Luke Cage? yeeessss

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