Surpising return: A Silent Hill (movie) sequel

I cant believe I missed this one, and for so long too. Silent Hill screenwriter Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida of Davis Films will both be returning for the next Silent Hill sequel. Davis Films aims to shoot the movie next year after finishing Resident Evil 4 (god oh shit >_<) which they’re now prepping.

Via Fist Showing

Humble opinion: The movie may not have attracted so many movie-goers, and quite frankly I cant compare it to the game, cause I never played it, but by god was it a shit-ton times better than the Resident Evil movies. I mean, RE1 was decent at best, but the next two? How did they managed to do two more and now making a 4th? those really sucked. I thought Silent Hill had at least some charm to it. I definitely support a sequel, even if nobody else does >_>

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