Wii price drop confirmed: $199

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Rumors were true about the leaked flyer shot (above) from Target for the week of September 27, the Nintendo Wii will be offered for just $199.99. Interestingly, it appears that suits at BB expect Nintendo to make an official announcement on the drop this Friday, yet retail stores won’t begin selling at the discounted rate until Sunday.

With this price drops Nintendo joins the ranks of Microsoft and Sony in their never-ending battle (at least for now) to control the videogame console market, seeing at how close the holiday season is I wonder if there are going to be any good incentives from retail stores, I still remember how many chains wanted to force people into buying made-up bundles so they would end up paying more than $500 for the Wii instead of the stand alone price, I asked many places during the last 2 years and they would not sell you the console unless you bought the bundled games, which were pretty crappy for the most part.

Sources: Engadget, Kotaku.

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