It's Finally Finished! Metroid-Predator:Hunted

Although…I’m not even sure if the title should be “Samus-Predator”, but you know what, screw that.  The original idea was to have a face-off between the awesome Predator vs Samus, in some jungle-like planet. But as time went by and as I kept modifying it, I guess it ended up looking more like a team-up than anything else.

I’ve been working on this one for a while now. Every time I would learn something new (Usually off the ImagineFX magazine) I would apply it to this, and never really would spend enough time on it to finish it off in a sitting. There’s def. room for a lot more improvement, but for now, I’ll leave it alone and come back to it later.

Here’s the link for the DeviantArt submission, cause I’m a whore like that.

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