Maradona: "Keep sucking it"

Bit of late news, but this was a live-conference after Argentina defeated Uruguay and secured a place in the World Cup 2010. And I thought it was freakin’ hilarious, the Maradona bit at least. He just told them to suck it hard, suck it long, suck it gooood! (something like that)
One thing that bothers me is that this is the worst Argentinian team I’ve seen in a while. Messi doesnt shine like he does in Barcelona, lots of players that are great are just benched, the strategy is really a mess…and it seems this trend of having former players are managers is really affecting a lot of teams. Example: Brazil, with Dunga as the manager. They are not doing ‘bad’, but they could certainly do better. They have done better than this.
end of rant.

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