Marvel's "Blackest Night"

“Throughout the past several years, many Marvel Zombies titles have paid tribute to classic Marvel Comics covers and infamous horror film posters. Today the publisher released yet another variant that recalls familiar, iconic imagery… but this imagery happens to be from a DC project.”

It seems the folks at “Dis-Vel” comics ‘ thought it was a good idea to “mock” one of DC’s covers, said cover being Blackest Night #1.

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Regular Marvel Zombies cover artist Arthur Suydam painted this latest piece, which as you can see looks “similar” to Blackest Night #1 cover by Ivan Reis…

Although many Marvel fanboys have repeatedly said DC’s Blackest night is a ripoff of Marvel Zombies, both stories are different and follow a different path.

IMHO Marvel Zombies is more of a ripoff of Night of the Living Dead and all that bunch of flesh-eating-then-get-zombified zombie movies, so I don’t think there is a point to that argument…

I don’t have a thing for any of said companies, I like some comics from each one so I don’t consider myself a fanboy of any them, I like the Blackest Night arc so far and that’s why I read it.

I would like to hear from fans from both sides.

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BTW, how come Spiderman’s head is coming out of the big Spiderman head? O_o

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