Once in a while there comes a “revolutionary” work-0ut gadget that promises to sculpt and tone your whatever muscles they advertise. This time it’s something called The Shake Weight™.

The Shake Weight™ is the revolutionary new way to work out the muscles in your upper body-biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest using Dynamic Inertia. Its distinct motion makes the Shake Weight™ the first product of its kind specifically designed to help women achieve toned, sculpted arms while eliminating flab.

From the picture on the left you can see how “happy” she is to be holding that fabulous hand-job jerk-off work-out machine/gadget, after all there’s no better way to tone your muscles than by “shaking” a piece of tubing 😛

Here’s the promotional video: Show ▼

And now the highly “unexpected” (riiiight) spoof:

Originally designed for women, now comes The Shake Weight™ for Men, giving you the same excellent results:Show ▼

As you can see The Shake Weight™ not only works, but it’s “fun” to use, just look how much fun this guy’s having:


He’s having so much fun he’s getting The Shake Weight™ closer to his face in front of a camera


…..wait WHAT?? =O

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