Play Metal Slug GOQO or DIE!

…or not, or whatever, it’s your life D:<, I mean you will die at some point of your life anyway… and stuff……..

Metal Slug GOQO is a flash clone of the original game, it plays and sounds exactly like the original game.

How to navigate the menu:
1. Main Screen: Click on the second button to start a new game.
– Click on the third button to set custom controls.

2. Review the controls, click on the second button in the bottom right hand corner to play. Select one of the three save spots.

3. Choose your character to begin.

Controls / How To Play:
W = Aim Up
S = Duck – Aim Low
A = Walk Left
D = Walk Right
J = Shoot
K = Jump
L = Throw Grenade

If you want to change the controls make sure you write down the originals so you know what you’re changing, unless you understand Chinese.

Play it.


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