Voltron off to expand to several platforms

voltronUnited Talent Agency (UTA) has signed Voltron’s American rights-holder World Events Productions (WEP) as a client and aims to expand the anime-based lion-robot property into several platforms. High on the agency’s list of priorities is closing a deal on an animated cable series, which is expected to be imminent. Video game and toy deals also are on the docket.

The agency hopes Voltron’s widespread brand recognition and elaborate mythology, which have served properties like “Transformers” well but doesn’t necessarily exist with other board games and toy properties in development, will appeal to audiences and executives.

Voltron is the 1984 edited and dubbed adaptation of Toei Animation’s Hyakujuu Ou Golion (King of Beasts Golion) and Kikou Kantai Dairugger XV (Mechanized Fleet Dairugger XV) television series, both of which feature teams that combine their mechanized units to form a robot.

WEP, the American rights holder of the Volton franachise is currently facing a lawsuit over franchise rights with Toei. One of the many issues with Toei is the 1998-2000 American computer-animated television series called Voltron: The Third Dimension, which used Golion, the lion Voltron.

To be honest I don’t think this is going to work, if Toei ever allows WEP to sign a live-action deal the script will be based on the 1984 adaptation, which sucks, as a kid I loved the show, but as I grew older I saw just how censored both series were, and the dialogs are just plain stupid, I really doubt the studios would base them off the original stories, or even the recent comic books.


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