A couple of FAIL internet ads

Once in a while you see some web ads that go from funny to plain stupid, and sometimes even creepy…..

cartoon yourself failWe’ve all seen this type of ad in many sites, in fact I see mostly ads like this on facebook, the problem here is that the “cartoon” version is not really an illustration but a picture of the main character in “Love Hina” O_o…..

Let’s move on.

adswtfReally? This is one of the most ridiculous ads I’ve ever seen, I mean why would you want to know what you smell like to that guy? Did you take a shower? I mean, really? And how will a quiz let you know if you smell right to the diamond-skin-emo-bad-hair-day-vampire-guy from Twilight? O_o

adwtfThis one cracks me up, I’ve seen many of these “Obama asks moms…” ads around, some are pretty silly with dolls dancing or doing some weird stuff, but this one really takes the cake xD.

Seriously, who comes up with this ads? Whoever it is that person needs to be slapped silly with an iron glove for not using pictures that actually have anything to do with whatever they’re trying to sell, just how did they mixed up “moms” with this hairy guy o_o….

Anyway, last one FTW!

adwtf2Just like the previous one these ads tend to have generic and often weird pictures depicting things that have nothing to do with whatever they’re selling.

In this case they actually got really close, we know it’s a dog sticking his head out the window of a car, but why use such a creepy picture? O_o can’t we just be normal for a second and say “hey, that’s a pretty ugly picture for this ad, I think I’ll change it ;), ”  c’mon! D:<

Anyway, these are some of the most common ads nowdays, I know I run some of them myself (at least for the people who can see the adbrite ads) but that doesn’t take the fail away xD

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