Busy week + Riki-OH sweetness

So the blog has been sort of abandoned for a few days. I’m a media arts and Animation student, so I got deadlines and crap, so that has kept me busy. Interesting thing, is that I have to do a storyboard assignment, so I’m doing the Riki vs Oscar scene from Riki-Oh, one of the most violent, hilarious and amazing movies to come out of Asia. Looking for the fight scene, I found the anime which Riki-Oh is based off. I found the exact same scene, and while I dont complain one bit, I must really ask…….What the FUCK were the producers smoking when they did so many drastic changes?

Usually a movie based on a cartoon, you’d think they try to go for a realistic tone. This is the complete opposite. The cartoon fight scene is more believable than the movie version. Hell, the whole cartoon is more believable than the movie, which escalates and gets more ridiculous as it goes on. Anyway, ENOUGH ranting! Take a look at them compare them yourself:

Anime version:

Movie version:

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