Goodbye mininova, hello alternatives

With mininova knocked out cold fans of the popular p2p format will have to find other sites to fill in that space, so here’s a list of 10 sites where you could find what once found in mininova:

1. Vertor

2. Torrentzap

3. Fenopy

4. ExtraTorrent

5. KickassTorrents

6. BTjunkie

7. isoHunt

8. yourBitTorrent

9. The Pirate Bay

10. ShareReactor

This is not a top 10 but rather a quick random list of sites, also monova has reserved mininova’s usernames for those who would like to switch to said site, you can go here to proceed.

The Pirate Bay is under a lot of fire so who knows how long we’ll have it around, until then download safely, use a condom xD


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