I said lo mein and not onions with noodles D:

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI went to the mall and as incredible as it may sound there’s an actual chinese restaurant inside, I’m not talking about your regular fast food chain like Panda Express, this place is like one of those carry out outlets where they cook the food only when you order.

I have ordered fried rice from them many times, it’s actually pretty tasty, I have no real problem with onions, whatever I can’t stand I move aside, but I happened to feel like ordering lo mein, the picture looked like lo mein with beef, so I ordered combination lo mein.

Now comes the problem, I have tried lo mein from other places and they would normally add cabbage or some other greens to it, but what they gave me was a mountain of onions, I can safely say there was more onions than actual noodles O_o, I ate what I could but the ammount of onions was stupid, I know the economy is bad and some places waste dish space with certain ammount of onions and green peppers but this is ridiculous, next time I’m sticking to fried rice D:<

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