mewantone: 4GB SPY Coke can with remote

While it may appear to be no more than your average can of coke, this high tech gadget is actually a digital video recorder! With a tiny top of the line pin-hole camera on the side of the device, combined with its internal 4GB of memory and the ability to record VGA quality video, this high tech soda can will really impress.

The real power behind this ultra advanced device isn’t its 4GB internal memory, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, or even its pin-hole VGA quality camera; it’s in its simple, unassuming look of an every day soda can. You can leave this device right out in the open. Place it on a table or your desk and record everything without the slightest notice from anyone around.

I’m actually considering getting one of those so I could finally find you who’s stealing mah’ cookies!!  Of course that will only work as long as nobody’s thirsty @_@…

You can get them on Amazon here and here.

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