"Pacman" wants your attention – Manny Pacquiao Super Hero Film WAPAKMAN

To celebrate the beating he gave to Cotto, he’s decided to do a movie. I guess waiting for Mayweather Jr. to stop being a wuzz and fight him was taking too long. Check out the teasers and trailers….AFTER THE BREAK!

“Magno is an ordinary man whose world revolves around his five kids while his wife, Magda, works as a nurse in Italy. One night Magno meets an accident. A car crashes into his truck and, upon impact, a big explosion takes place. Miraculously, Magno survives unscathed. The blowup is caused by Walo-walo, an organic substance which stores energy that is almost as powerful as nuclear energy. Soon, he wakes up and feels like a new man. Lighter. Faster. Stronger. Interestingly, his newfound powers start helping him become a better dad. His wish of being faster, smarter and stronger for his family is coming true. He assumes the identity of their favorite superhero – WAPAKMAN!

Soon, Magno learns that Magda has come back to take the kids with her to Italy. Magno wants his family to be together – happy and whole. He doesn’t want to let go of the kids. But can he be a good dad in the eyes of his kids and still be a superhero? Magno knows that with Wapakman around the world will be a much safer place for his kids. This is a responsibility he just can not turn away from, but if it means losing his kids … Can he give up being a superhero if it means saving the world? It is the hardest choice he has ever had to face and he must make a decision. Fast!

Teaser 1 (probably the best of them all)

Teaser 2

Full trailer

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