pimp it with duct tape

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Most of us try to solve everything with duct tape, from repairing a pair of glasses to patching the sink, the possibilities are endless.

Now imagine doing all that, but now add LED lights to the equation! OMFGOAFSWTFLOL!

As Sean Fallon from gizmodo nicely put it, “we’re talking half-assed upgrades here.”

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By rolling the tape and connecting the ends, you complete the circuit. It’s still in the prototype stage at this point, so there is no mention of the power source needed for this to actually work, or the stupid price tag that will probably shock us out cold as it hits the market, but just imagine all the cool geeky costumes you can make, you could be the ultimate geek! (for a couple of days after it hits the market), or even use it to light your Christmas tree instead of untangling the same old lights every year! I’m drooling already!

via gizmodo

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