The Siege trailer – A Marvel Comics event

The Siege is the upcoming Marvel cross-over event, where Norman Osborn, now head of Hammer (aka Shield) will go insane and try to take Asgard and its surrounding worlds by force.

I guess I’m hoping this does good and finally ends the Dark Reign. God it feels like its been going on forever. Avengers Disassembled was decent, and it was a good lead up to House of M, which I had mixed feelings about. Civil War was great save the ending. Terrible. Secret Invasion was like a summer movie, lots of action and explosions and deaths, not a lot of everything else.

And Dark Reign? Jesus…Osborn is on 20 books in a month. He’s everywhere, and some of the appearances are pretty lame. The idea was decent, and some good books came out of it (Dark Avengers for one) but it’s becoming dull, New Avengers has tired its formula of “Outlaw Super Heroes”. Anyway, end of rant. Lets hope for the best. We still got Blackest Night and its impact, in case this disappointments.

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