The world's strongest beer

new1Madcap Scottish brewing maestro Brew Dog, has launched the world’s strongest beer to a volley of criticism from health chiefs.

The 32% abv brew, called Tactical Nuclear Penguin (great name), takes over the mantle as the world’s strongest beer from German concoction Schorschbraerm which weighs in at a measly 31% abv.

The incredible strength was attained when the beer, which started life as a 10 percent imperial stout, was aged for 16 months in two different whiskey casks before being stored in a freezer at a ball-shriveling -20°C for three weeks.

Though not everyone was impressed as we are. Chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, Jack Law, told The Sun: “The fact that they have achieved a new world record is not admirable.

“It is a product with a lot of alcohol in it – that’s all. To dress it up as anything else is cynical.” Fair point but the assertions are despite Brew Dog marketing the beer for connoisseurs, and advising people to drink it in short nips, like a spirit.


IMO this is a TAD too much for a beer, I really hope it doesn’t make it to the US or we’ll have way more stupid drunk drivers, at 32% alcohol only one will be enough to fail the breathalyser O_o

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