Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) gets a big Hollywood budget

Back a month or so ago I saw a short 5 minute film of a bunch of robots attacking and blowing the shit out of Uruguay. At first glance, I was impress, but maybe not enough to go gaga about it. After seeing it a second time, with a clear head and looking at it both technically and with a giant-robot boner, it is impressive.

And apparently not just us regular viewers thought the same. Hollywood studios saw it as well, and started pouring offers to special effects man and film maker, Fede Alvarez and collaborator, Aparato Post. Long story short, Sam Raimi, from Spiderman and Evil Dead fame, handed $30 million to secure the rights of ths for his studio. According to this piece of news, Raimi still wants to keep a South American feel for the film, planning to film it in both Argentina and Uruguay.

If Alvarez and Post could produce those kinda effects with just $300 out of his own pocket, just imagine what they could do with millions of dollars?


Clip in question:

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