EscandaloTv’s "Dina Mita" O_O

I had nothing better to do yesterday afternoon so I decided to watch tv for a little while, I stopped by Telefutura, Univision’s sister channel, they have a program called “EscandaloTV”, it’s just about entertainment news and stuff I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about, but about Spanish singers and actors/actresses and stuff.

Anyway, the reason I stopped there was the pair of beauties dancing they have after the breaks, and when I was about to change the channel this goddess  shows out of nowhere, that’s one hell of a body, see for yourselves:

Her name litteraly translates to “dynamite,” and “Dyna Mite” sounds like a porn name :3.

Please Telefuruta, replace the whole cast with just beauties like that :D, just like Al Pacino said, that’s a GREAT ASS! 😀

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