Happy New Year!

Hey everybody, I hope you have a happy 2010, this doesn’t only mark the end of 2009, but also the end of a decade.

This has been a bad decade to be honest, wars, extreme poverty, weird chemically-induced diseases, extreme natural disasters, economic recession, etc…., so let’s hope the beginning of this decade marks an end to all that and starts off with the right foot, who knows, maybe 5 years from know all of that will be nothing but a bad memory.

This has been a technological decade, technology has moved forward really fast in the last 4 years, so let’s all hope this is for the better.

I have a couple of New Year’s resolutions, you know the customary weight loss, I need a job though, it’s been a year since I was laid off o_O, and this site needs a revamp, even I get tired of seeing it like this xD, I hope I can leave laziness aside and finish the new theme already! D:<

Anyway, I hope all your good wishes come true, but don’t drink too much tonight, a lot of you have to show up for work tomorrow morning O__OU…

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