oh what a lovely snow day (NOT)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt’s funny how meteorologists changed their mind every day this past week,  they spent  half of last week telling us the weekend forecast includes a “chance” of snow rains on Sunday, then they said it would snow on Saturday, then on Friday they said it would snow after midnight.

It actually began around 9pm on Friday…..

Anyway, today the so called “experts” expected over 1 foot of snow, while we did get over a foot it came up to a little over 2 feet O_o…

I took a couple of pictures a couple of hours ago, it should stop snowing sometime after midnight, and I really hope so, I can’t go out like this 🙁

It may be fun for the kids and some adults, but cleaning that up is a bitch D:<, we cleaned it 3 times and it won’t stop accumulating….

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