Sears and Kmart open at unheard of hours

Today I received 2 separate newsletters, one from Kmart and one from Sears.

The one from Sears reads:

Sears stores close at midnight on Tuesday, are open Wednesday
5 am to midnight, and Christmas eve from 5am to 7 pm.

Plus, Wednesday and Thursday Sears is bringing back incredible
all day Black Friday Now Doorbusters! 

I used to work for them, I don’t think the morning crew will be happy going into work at 4:00 am, that’s a little despearate, even for them.

The one from Kmart (image above) is shocking, they’re going to be open for 64 hours straight?? And then will close on Christmas Eve at 10:00pm?? O_O I guess the employees will probably be going home at about midnight, which pretty much sucks being Cristmas and all….

I know Super Saturday got all messed up because of that snow storm that hit the East Coast last weekend, but their advertised hours are simply not safe, specially for Kmart, do you really think there will be anough security after midnight, or somebody even caring about people shop-lifting?

I heard some other stores are planning on opening on Christmas day, I guess that’s a good thing for those people who haven’t bought their presents and will probably be having dinner somewhere else, or expecting guests, but bad for those who thought they would spend Christmas with their families, of course if money is an issue that’s a whole different story.

I’m all up for extra hours when they’re needed, in this economy I bet a some people thought it would bring some extra cash to their pockets, however I still believe this is not safe at all, they can’t have Black Friday hours for 3 days straight, that’s calling out for trouble.

Click here for the list of participating Kmart stores that came with the newsletter.

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