Instant Karma – Killer Tripped on Baggy Pants, Plunged to Death after Slaying Three

Instant Karma indeed. Apparently this guy came in and slayed three generations (boy, dad, granddad) and once he tried to kill the mom and daughter, they managed to escape, so he ditched his gun and tried to escape through a rear fire escape. And then…! and I quote, “his low-slung pants fell to his ankles, tripping him and sending him falling three stories to his death, authorities said.”

xD I know it’s terrible, but holy shit, talk about life being a bitch, haha. And thus, this proves that this trend of wearing your pants just above your knees does not help if you are A) running from the cops, B) trying to catch up to a victim you failed to kill, C) trying to impress the ladies ;o

Source, and complete article can be found here.

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