Supplements Every Guy Needs

I’ve been using dietary supplements for many years now, mostly multivitamins, but also vitamin D, C, and others.

Many times have I been asked if I am sick or anemic, but the truth is my diet is not really as “complete” as it should be.

I, like many people around the globe, eat fruits and vegetables, but in relatively small amounts. In a normal 7-day week I probably consume vegetables around 4 times a week. Fruits maybe 5 times a week but in smaller amounts (as in a piece of fruit in a day at most).

As I went through college and then got a job while still taking classes I noticed how tired I felt most of the time, both physically and mentally.

I was 19 at the time and the idea of not having enough energy at that age was absurd.  I had stopped using multivitamins when the last batch I had kept on leaving me with an upset stomach.

That’s when I started taking multivitamins again. I noticed the change within a day, and have been on supplements ever since.

Let’s face it, nobody can accomplish a perfect diet and keep up with their daily routine at the same time, we often end up eating what we’re not supposed to for a ton of reasons, and that’s where supplements come in handy.

With that said, Men’s Fitness has come up with a list of supplements (the legal type) that a guy might want to get depending on his age.

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