Teens getting high by choking…wait WHAT?

This is really shocking, it seems these new generations are born brain-dead, just take a look at this,

(Newser) – Videos showing teens strangling each other for fun have gone viral, offering young people step-by-step instructions on how to get high by squeezing the carotid artery to restrict the flow of oxygen to the brain. Medical experts say the practice, known as ‘the pass out game” can lead to brain damage and death. “This is disturbing, highly dangerous, very risky and should be avoided at all costs,” one researcher told the Independent.

They advise parents and educators to learn the warning signs—unexplainable headaches, bruising around the neck, bloodshot eyes or ear pain—to help curb the craze, which they say is most popular among high-achieving teens who prefer this to getting caught with drugs or alcohol. The CDC estimates the “game” killed 82 US teens between 1995 and 2007; Games Adolescents Shouldn’t Play, a campaign group, puts the figure at 458.

Are they stupid? Haven’t they ever seen those commercials that talk about the use of drugs and how the brain thinks it’s suffocating from the lack of oxygen? This is really absurd, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know choking CAN KILL YOU….

This is really, I don’t know, sick, a few days ago a kid died from inhaling HELIUM, or so the press said, it seems he inflated a bag with the gas and then tied it over his head, story short, the kid suffocated, seriously who the hell tries to get high with helium and stupid enough to tie the bag over his head?

This is really sad, and the girl who posted this video on Youtube was more worried about the song they had not being the one they wanted than the stupidity of the video itself….

When did this new generations stop using their common sense? O_o


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