Tekken trailer – Must be better than ‘Legend of Chun-Li’

I’ve been meaning to post this, but I keep forgetting…Anyway, here’s the trailer for the ‘hopefully-not-a-train-wreck ‘ of Tekken. As you may know, the last few adaptations based on fighting games have not been pretty. Check out the trailer after the break.

-Street Fighter was a riot, amazingly bad when it came out, but if you watch it today, it’s hilarious.

-MK had the formula. It actually wasnt such a bad movie, MK 2 however…urgh…! However, MK1 and SF fight for ‘most hilarious movie ever made’ award

-DOA…oh God, this was just a mess.

-SF: Legend of Chun-Li. Another Godly mess. It wasnt a ‘so bad it’s so good’. It was just bad.

-King of Fighters? I had hopes for it, but seeing the trailer and the behind the scenes, it’s just another “Legend of Chun-Li” waiting to implode in its own crappiness.

Now, I’m not saying I’m expecting Shakespeare out of Tekken, but it’s certainly looking a lot better than the rest of the above. Jin is certainly likable, not a lot of resemblance to his game counter-part, but likable enough to not hate the movie. In any case, check out the trailer.

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