Transformers: War for Cybertron

This is the full trailer for the new Transformers Game by Activision, I watched it like 3 days ago but I waited until someone had uploaded a higher quality version to YouTube, so here it is:

Peter Cullen as Prime again is just plain AWESOME, I don’t know who’s doing Megatron’s voice though, it kind of sounds like Megs from Bayformers =/

I know this is just a trailer but the visuals are plain beautiful, it’s like a War Within (if you read the comics) meets TFAnimated (design wise). Prime looks EPIC as you can see in the first picture up there, and here are some more;

Megatron’s helmet here looks a whole lot like Animated Megs, look pretty cool actually, anything as long as it isn’t the designs from the last 2 movies D:<

Epic Megatron looks epic.

Yay! Bumblebee has an actual face that doesn’t look like a bug!

I like this designs, Soundwave looks like he should :D, I wonder what he’ll transform into mmmm….

The thing that threw me off a little bit is the last seconds, with the sudden appearance of Omega Supreme and Trypticon, shouldn’t the latter be 3 times Omega’s size? It kinda looks like a turtle, of course I could be wrong and that might be someone else, but if it is him…..I don’t know what to think of that, I always thought Devastator was Omega Supreme’s natural enemy, as in “I hate the f*cking Constructicons and stuff, RARR” =P

Omega Supreme in all its glory 😀

Now this is what I was talking about, it looks cool but kinda small for Trypticon, IF that’s him to begin with, the design looks cool though.

There was one thing I didn’t like about the trailer, the line “One shall stand….” is way overused, it was EPIC the first time in the animated movie, but that’s it, the other times it’s been used in situations that don’t even compare to the fight between the 2 leaders in said movie.

“One shall stand…………one shall fall……but we’re both made of sterner stuff so we won’t…”

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