Tiger Woods apologizes for being a man…

Tiger Woods emerges after a couple of months of “hiding,” and apologized for being a man, for doing what any man in his placed would have done, for thinking with the wrong head….


It’s ridiculous how the media made a circus out of something that millions of men have done since the beginning of time: infidelity.

Any man with power will use it to get laid, that’s a fact. Was it bad? Morally, yes, he failed his family, and most importantly his wife.

Was it necessary to make it a huge event? NOPE, I think the guy’s entitled to do whatever the hell he wants, I, in his place, would apologize about the whole mess, but that’s it, he doesn’t need therapy, unless of course he was involved with a thousand girls per year….

His wife wasn’t present at the “event,” so only God knows if she’ll give him another chance, if not then he can pretty much continue or retire, either way he’s got a ton of money, he might as well invest in the porn industry, he could even get lucky with the ladies there :P.

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