What a lovely weekend (NOT)

A monster snow storm hit the DC Metro area this past weekend, leaving a wonderful 32 inches of snow for us mortals to clean up…

I don’t think I’ve seen that much snow ever in this area, we even beat the 1922 record of 27 inches O_O, at least we didn’t go past the 3-feet mark as some people expected.

Cleanup has been a real mess around this parts, a lot of streets haven’t been cleaned up properly, or cleaned up at all, you can see tons of cars under gigantic piles of snow.

Buying groceries has been pretty much a nightmare too, stores are using this emergency as an excuse to raise prices…

Metro services are not working properly, only underground trains are working. Buses are only running on emergency-routes, so pretty much all public transportation is screwed up.

For kids this is great, they won’t have classes most of this week, or the whole week, it all depends on tomorrow’s storm.

I’m gonna leave you with some pictures I took when it finally stopped snowing on Saturday afternoon:

I’m gonna be posting on my other blog a little video I took just before we started cleaning up our front entrance, I won’t post it here because it’s in Spanish, but check it out if you are curious.

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