Dogs Gone Wild!

I saw this in the news the other day, I gotta say it’s the first time I see a dog attacking a car like that.

CHATTANOOGA (CNN) — A Tennessee dog is headed to obedience school, as punishment for attacking two city police cruisers.
Dashboard camera video shows Winston, a mixed-breed pooch from Chattanooga, ripping the front bumper off one car, and chewing two tires.

Winston’s owners said the pup had never caused any trouble before, and that something in particular must have set him off.

But police gave them a citation for having a “potentially-dangerous dog.”

On Thursday, a Hamilton County judge released Winston back into the care of his owners, and ordered them to take Winston to obedience and “good canine citizen” classes.

Winston will also have to wear a tag declaring that he is “potentially dangerous.”

That’s one crazy dog o_O.

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