oh gawd lady gaga's telephone melted my brain D:

It’s hard to explain why I ended up watching THE WHOLE 9-minute video of the song “Telephone” featuring Beyonce.

A friend passed me this video to show me how bad/weird Beyonce looks, and yes, I should’ve stopped the second I saw her face (x_x)….

The only funny thing I found was when she was stripped naked and one of the guards said “I told you she didn’t have a dick….,” but I still don’t get why I watched the whole thing D:<….

Anyway, the video itself is just whack, the only good thing about it was watching Tyrese Gibson die, I just can’t stand the guy and his excessive camera whoring in every movie he’s been in….

If you are brave enough to see the whole thing you deserve a medal, I’m still waiting for mine D:<, so go ahead if you’re not to scared…

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