Batman: Under the Red Hood Trailer

The movie will be based on the recent storyline featured in Batman #635-641, 645-650, and Batman Annual 25.

Years after the murder of his young protégé, Jason Todd (the second Robin), Batman and the former Robin, Dick Grayson – now the hero Nightwing – find themselves being stalked by a mysterious yet familiar figure known as the vigilante Red Hood, who apparently knows all of their secrets. As the Dark Knight tries to unravel the true identity of his stalker, he must also battle three of his enemies; the Joker, the criminally insane Clown Prince of Crime who murdered Jason and first wore the Red Hood mask, Ra’s al Ghul, the immortal international terrorist who is somehow connected to the Red Hood, and Black Mask, the notorious kingpin who is launching a campaign to take over all of Gotham City’s criminal underworld.

This looks great, but I still think they should’ve animated HASH first, and will somebody get Kevin Conroy to be the voice of Batman again? D:<

Out in stores on July 27, 2010.

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