Easy guide to epic self-embarrassment

1. Write lyrics for a song, the worse it sounds the better.

2. Use generic tune.

3. Sing as bad as you can, in fact make sure it doesn’t sound like you’re even singing in English, this is very important.

3. Use a sound filter to try to cover up your lack of singing talent, if you can’t afford (or download) Auto Tune try to use something like echo or chorus from any cheap/free audio editing software.

4. Make a music video starring yourself.

5. Talk a female friend into starring in your badly edited music video.

6. Record with cheap/normal video camera.

7. Take the worst angles possible, and make sure the sun blinds the camera lens.

8. Take meaningless scenes, make sure 70% of the scenes are your mugshot attempting to sing.

9. Upload video to YouTube.

10. Receive gratuitous hate from half of the planet.

11. Congratulations, you have made an ass of yourself.

**Extra step**

Pat yourself in the back, you have successfully made it to the front page of HotChickswithDouchebags.

If you can listen to the whole song, you sir are either deaf or impervious to pain (or a monster).

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