GAIKING Teaser Trailer

I think I soiled my pants O_O, with a little bit of luck this might be better than Transformers(The Michael Bay film)!

And I don’t give a rats ass if it’s a woman piloting, I don’t even remember who the pilot was xD, seriously, I know it was a bunch of people and there was this ship that transformed into a round thing and the head became the torso of the robot and stuff o_O.

I’m pretty sure most of you are too young to even remember this one, to be honest I barely remember it, it was part of a Saturday morning cartoon block called “El Festival de los Robots,” it means “Robot Festival,” it was a mix of old-school robot/mecha anime.

Demon Dragon of the Heavens Gaiking (大空魔竜ガイキング, Daikū Maryū Gaikingu) was a Super Robot mecha anime series produced by Toei Animation, credited as an original idea by Akio Sugino. However, the original idea was of Go Nagai.

Here’s the opening just in case.

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