One annoying and frightening reason NOT to rent an apartment…

Casual exorcisms!

This was done last week, and what better way to start the Holy Week than an out-of-the-blue exorcism? 😀

I just would like to know how come the guy’s voice was so loud? Where they doing it in the hallway? O_o

Anyway, a neighbor decided to drop them a note to let them know her feelings about the whole show.

LOL, epic win :D.

Humor aside, that was pretty scary, I would’ve just left the building and come back a few hours later, but some people would’ve called the police instead, and with good reason.

This is why owning/renting a house is better, you could have a party, serve hard liquor, and start your exorcisms while serving chips and salsa and nobody will care 😉 (except that old guy/lady who spies the whole neighborhood O_O).


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