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I spent the last 6 days with a ridiculous cold, I had an “intermittent” fever for almost 5 days, and from what? I went to the supermarket last Thursday,  thunderstorm was due that night and hit before I left the place, I waited for a while but then decided to just run to my car, and that’s all it took…

Seriously, I haven’t had a cold that bad in like 2 or 3 years, it was just as bad as the flu, but without the coughing, I still feel like crap though.

Anyway, I have been deleting a ton of spam lately, I know every website, forum, blog, etc., experiences spam at some point, I’ve had my fair share of it, but I hadn’t seen any for several months since I installed Spam-Free on this blog, and most of those comments are about a “cms” or the design/template o_O.

I feel better now so I’ll resume updating, if you want to contribute just shoot me a line using the contact section.

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