Transformers Animated ultra-epic Japanese opening

I was checking my deviantart messages when I found this journal update from Marcelo Matere‘s account:

I’m really happy today! Just watched the japanese version of Transformers Animated series and I found out the they used a some of the illustrations that I did for Hasbro on the ending theme. Priscilla has told me that and them I had to check out!

So he proceeds to include the link to the series ending, which is right here:

and then the opening, which is the point of this post.

That blew my mind! It made my whole week! I know the series is over in the US but if it picks up enough attention in Japan they might make a sequel, just look at how cool that opening is!

Something interesting about this opening is the narrator before the song saying “Optimus Prime” and “Autobots” instead of “Convoy” and “Cibertrons,” which is what they called the previous incarnations in Japan.

Also, Ironhide is in the opening, but I don’t remember him, or his “silver version” either.

The only bad thing is that they show characters that are not supposed to be seen yet, still pretty epic though.

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