Mayweather vs Mosley: Money Wins

Just as I expected, Mayweather wins again. I don’t know why I even bothered watching the fight, my brother kept telling me to ignore it, but I went ahead and wasted my time.

The fight started pretty good, in fact Mosley had a big chance in round number 2, but Mayweather cliched onto Mosley, if you can call that clinching, he literally grabbed Mosley’s arm and held onto it until he regained balanced, and wasted enough time to get back on his feet unaffected.

After that Mosley had many chances of beating the crap out of the other guy, yet he kind of slowed down and started receiving punishment.

But, was it really punishment?

Mayweather’s punches didn’t seem to have that big an effect on Mosley, had Mayweather actually fought like a true champion he would have knocked Mosley out cold, but Mayweather decided to go with jabs, mostly jabs, one at a time, one here, one there, a lot of dancing, and a lot of clinching.

After that it seemed like Mosley began running out of juice, to the point where it kind of became a one sided fight. If you can call that a fight.

At the end Mayweather won by decision, that really annoys me, he didn’t give the fans what they paid for, Mosley didn’t look like he was torn apart by a champion, it was more like tiredness from a really long sparing session.

I really hope Pacquiao beats the living crap out of Mayweather, it’s too bad Cotto didn’t have a chance to try, little sissy Mayweather was too afraid to fight a real powerhouse so instead kept ignoring the guy.

At the end of the day Mr. Money was the only winner, I’m sure both guys left with a pretty big cut just like what happened with Mayweather vs De la Hoya.

Boxers like these make the sport look more and more like professional wrestling.

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